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Whistler 2023 Tags

Details, prices, and a purchase form for the three tiers are found below.

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10 Rules for Tag Challenges/Distribution:

  • 80 membership tags are available to start. More could be added if membership exceeds that number.

  • Regardless of which tier you're a part of and which tag number you have, you can play anyone you want during the season.

  • The tag season will start with a tag challenge tournament open to all tiers. Players who participate in the tournament will be given a tag based on their performance.

  • Following the tournament, all other members will be contacted to inform them that their tag is ready for pick-up. This will be on a first come, first served basis. Members will be required to follow-up once we reach out initially to organize pick-up. Failure to do so could result in your tag being sold off to new members.

  • If you're healthy and able to play, you shouldn't turn down a tag challenge by another member. Exceptions: You are not able to play a full round knowingly from the start or you're practising.

  • If you accept a challenge and quit, immediately take the lowest tag from the challenger(s).

  • If you win a challenge and you and some or all of the group decides to play again, it's expected that a new tag challenge will begin.

  • If you're going away for more than a week, are injured, or too busy to challenge anyone and you have a tag number lower than 20, trade off with an active member with a higher number.

  • If you lose your tag, you have the option to get a replacement for $10.

  • Play with honor and with a fun competitive spirit. When a tag challenge is on, allow the active player to shoot without distractions. Your group can decide how serious you want to be in between shots. However, if this rule is abused, the group or the affected player may decide to penalize the person with lowest tag or call off the challenge for tags.

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We are now taking online payment!! Once you click the the submit button below you will be able to enter payment information. A confirmation email will also be sent. If you have any questions please email us at:

Your information entered below is the minimum required for club contact and BCDS insurance. Phone number is not required and we do not give out or sell any information.

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