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2023 Squamish Tags

Sign up for your tag now! Please see the updated tags guidelines below.

2023 Tiers

This year we will be trying something completely new. In an attempt to keep the top tags in rotation as much as possible we have implemented a tiered tag structure and a couple rules. Details, prices, and a purchase form for the three tiers are found below; Competitive, Recreational, and Support.

Rules, Rules Rules.

  1. The Competitive and Rec tiers are treated as separate leagues. All tiers are welcome to play at any time but tiers will remain independent. Challenges outside of the sanctioned weekly events are encouraged but tags must remain in the same tier.

  2. Purchasing multiple tier tags is allowed if you are looking to play both casual rounds and competitive rounds. Please keep in mind there are only 40 tags in each tier for the 2023 season.

  3. The Competitive tier will be subject to a "timeout" rule. If there is an absence from play for more than a consecutive 3-week period that tag may be reclaimed or deemed dormant. A replacement tag will be issued and reintroduced into the next weekly tag round. This will be at the sole discretion of the SDGC board.

Tags Kickoff Tournament Details

The 2023 tags season will be kicked off with a single day PDGA C-Tier sanctioned tournament to seed the competitive tag tier, currently scheduled for February 19th 2023 at Legacy Park. The first tag holders will get invites to preregister for the tournament until we hit 24 players, the rest will have to be quick to sign up. There is no obligation to compete in the tournament to receive a tag. If you have purchased a tag but are not competing in the tournament you will be allocated the next highest tag available that was not present in the tournament.

When: Sunday February 19th, 2023


What: PDGA C-tier, single day, 2 – Rounds (Blue tees both Rounds)

Where: Legacy Park Disc Golf Course - Squamish, BC

How Much: $35 - This will include a premium disc in the player’s pack.

The tournament entry fee of $35 will be in addition to the 2023 Squamish Tag fees. Recreational tags will not be tied to the tournament and will be handed out on a first come first served basis. Tags will also be available for purchase on the day of the event if not sold out.

Sign Up!

Please use the form below to sign-up for a 2023 tag. We are not yet setup to take payment through the website. Interac/E-Transfer is appreciated as it makes tracking much easier. Please make payments to our club email address.

The information below is the minimum required for club contact and BCDS insurance, phone number is not required.

2023 Squamish Tags

Limited to 40 tags per tier.


Select an option

Thanks for signing up!

Please send payment to:

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Form information will be used for SDGC contact and BCDS insurance purposes only.

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