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Legacy Winter League

Are you excited for more sanctioned play on the weekend?

For the next 6 weeks, Phil Werner is running a PDGA sanctioned league on Saturdays.


The league will cost one time $10, which will go towards the SDGC and the PDGA.

We will start 8am blue tees every Saturday at Legacy - Squamish. New tags are on the line. You can still come and join us for tags even though you don’t have a PDGA membership or you don’t want to play a sanctioned round. Also, if you can’t attend 8am, you can still play Saturdays in the league.

Find the League:

*If you got any questions please reach out to Philipp Werner

**You’ll need 2 other active PDGA members on your card. If that’s the case please send me a screenshot from your round.


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